The AgrimaxForce BKT radial high performance tyres is an innovative response to agricultural application for high-powered vehicles. BKT's interpretation of "IF Technology" guarantees maximum performance in the field and on the road, without compromising low-pressure use. Agrimax 95- / 85- / 70- / 65- series are some of the best quality radial tyres which combines limited soil compactions with incredible traction abilities.

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The R-1 is suitable for general farming and consist of dual angled lugs to ensure better traction as well as a comfortable ride on the road. The R-2 has an extra deep tread specially designed to get excellent traction on wet and sticky soil with self cleaning properties. The sidewall rubber prevents weather cracking and it has a tough tread compound to resist fast wear. The R-3 tread is specially designed to give minimum ground disturbance. It also has a flat and wide foot print which makes it suitable for use in soft soil, orchards and similar application. The tyre is also suitable for road construction and other industrial tractors.

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FRONT TYRES I-1 / F-3 / TF 8181 / TF 9090

Multi Rib, Low section I-1 tyres are designed to provide high flotation with minimum soil compaction with excellent load distribution. These tyres are for on and off the road use. TF-8181 tyres is ideal for use on tractor front for field operations and regular transport. Sturdy shoulder bars offer excellent sidewall protection. Wider tread area guarantees longer service life. The TF-9090 is a three rib front wheel tyre, designed for easy steering. Strong nylon carcass ensures good performance on tractors fitted with implements such as a front loader or front mower. Also suitable for use on certain agricultural machines. The F-3 five rib patter for better steering ability on hand surface. Special compound with high wear resistance properties to get mileage on road.

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BKT Bias Implement and trailer tyres is a low section implement tyre, offering high load capacity with minimum soil compaction. It is ideal for modern farming, suitable for both on and off-the-road applications. Radial Flotation tyres is a special designed tyre, suitable for spreaders, slurry tankers, trailers etc. with 75% on-road application. It has a unique tread design which assures low rolling resistance on the road and good self-cleaning property on the field. It also has a strong radial casing with steel belted construction which gives extra load carrying capacity at high speeds. The flotation FL-630 has excellent cleaning properties, and a high non-skid depth to give extra life. It also has non-directional tread design enabling higher traction. It also boasts a wide foot print area suitable for soft soil conditions and an aggressive shoulder area.

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