Tubestone is a distribution company that has its roots in humble beginnings. Weve worked hard and built an incredible successful Tyre and Tube Distribution company.

Tubestone is the brainchild of founder and present MD, Pieter Kruger, who recognised the opportunity to establish a distribution company that would become known for representing some of the best tyres and tyre related products the world has to offer.

The doors opened for trading on April 2, 2001 with the company importing tubes and flaps. Before long the range was extended to include OTR, Industrial, Agricultural, Implement, Truck and Passenger tyres.

Only five months after the first outlet opened in Cape Town, another followed in Johannesburg. The Durban branch opened in 2002, with Bloemfontein following in October 2004. Three years later, in 2007, Port Elizabeth was added to the mix, with Windhoek and Harare and Botswana following closely behind. With this, Tubestone is providing a complete service offering Nationwide as well as to South Africas most important neighbouring countries.

A unique characteristic that defines Tubestone is the Family feeling which Pieter has endeavoured to create within the company. Every staff member is deemed important and is proud to be associated with the company. This manifests in all interactions and communication within the company and its loyal customers. Tubestone customers are treated like respected friends and they can be certain that we will always go the extra mile for them.

The Tubestone team is painstakingly selected as a way of ensuring that the company is run by the best possible group of people, individuals who are not only educated in their respective fields, but are also loyal, dedicated and good hearted.

Moreover, the Tubestone ship is steered by a group of brilliant men. Navigating the team responsible for the success that is Tubestone (Pty) Ltd are Pieter Kruger, MD, and Directors Alex Friedman, Jeff Wessels and Paul Howard.

And then there is our exciting product range. Presently, Tubestone is associated with world-class tyre, rim and tube brands. BKT, for agricultural and industrial tyres. Nankang, for passenger tyres. JK Tyres, for truck and bus tyres. Jantsa, for world class rims. Rubber King and Goodtire, for the best tubes and flaps.

BKT is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Off Highway Tyres and boasts the widest product range with more than 1 900 stock keeping units. This Indian-based manufacturer takes great pride in being an One Stop Shop for all off-highway tyre solutions, with more than 90% of total tyre production being exported to more than 120 countries across all five continents. Visit: http://www.bkt-tires.com/

Equally, Taiwan-based Nankang Rubber Tire is supplying Tubestone with its passenger tyre range boasts a long history as industry leader in quality, reputation, research and development and production capabilities, a reputation that has earned it commendation by clients and industrial players alike, on home soil and abroad. Visit: http://www.nankang.com.tw/

Jantsa, Turkeys largest wheel manufacturer, is our supplier of rims. A new and exciting venture in Tubestone. Visit: http://www.jantsa.com/

J.K. Tyre has been at the forefront of the radial revolution in India. Since inception, they have been regularly releasing high quality & technology products, which have withstood the test of time. It is their philosophy to continuously anticipate and understand the customer requirements, convert them into performance standards for our products and services, and meet these standards every time. Visit: http://www.jktyre.com/

Tubestone is an incredible success story, an example what can be done with hard work, determination, a loyal customer base, and exceptional management and employees.

Tubestone has grown and developed into a company to be reckoned with.